Corvallis Crime Rates in Relation to CHF’s Men’s Homeless Shelter
Santa Clara, California’s study of the Cost of Homelessness in Silicon Valley
The National Alliance to End Homelessness declares that homelessness can be surprisingly costly for taxpayers. Fortunately, socially-responsible, cost-effective solutions exist.
Published in the Olympia (WA) Power & Light, Wednesday, 10/30/2013​


The cheapest way to end homelessness is ridiculously simple, according to the largest-ever US study

The Economic Roundtable, underwritten by the County of Santa Clara, California, just came out with the largest study on homelessness in American history. Read more:


Denver Housing First Collaborative:Cost Benefit

After two years of operation, Denver Housing First Collaborative approach offers tremendous promise of improving the health status of chronically homeless individuals while reducing taxpayer funded emergency costs of emergency room care, hospitalizations, incarceration and detox.

Denver Housing First Cost Benefit


Here Comes the Neighborhood: Supportive Housing and Property Values Studies from New York

The report found that once construction was completed on a supportive housing project, the value of properties located within 500 feet of the supportive housing actually increased relative to other properties in the neighborhood.

Supportive Housing and Property Values