Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is supported housing going to improve the lives of the homeless?

When people come in out of the cold, they use less substance. Their loneliness is also relieved. Trust is built up slowly, and with assertive case management, they are helped to access physical and mental health resources, as well as social services. Jobs programs can further move these people towards stability and self-sufficiency.

  • How is CHF planning to end homelessness and get more people in permanent housing?

The first step is stabilization of health, behavior, and connection with physical and mental health resources, social service resources, and case management. This prepares clients for acceptance into permanent housing as it becomes available. We cooperate with the Corvallis Housing Oversight Committee to help create services for the homeless, and supported housing options. We operate Partners Place as supported housing for up to 16 individuals. We are exploring partnerships with other organizations to create more supported housing units, as well as building more supported housing ourselves.

  • How are you going to handle those with serious drug and alcohol addictions?

We are a Behavior Based facility, so people can stay in housing if they follow rules of behavior. We provide case management for each individual coming into our services. We make referrals and facilitate transportation to detox facilities and substance abuse programs. We assist people obtaining health and social service benefits. We encourage 12 Step Group participation.

  • What is the security going to look like?  Will you have on-site security at all times?

We will have paid staff at all times when housing is occupied. Continuously monitored and taped cameras in multiple locations have helped us the past few years greatly enhance security. We work very closely with Corvallis City police, and do not hesitate to call them for questionable behaviors.