Our Work

Vision Statement:
A roof over every head.

Mission Statement:
Providing solutions for ending homelessness & achieving self-sufficiency.

Value Statement:
A roof, a meal, and a community.


2 thoughts on “Our Work

  • Bernard Yandel

    We are interested in pursuing the implementation of this model in Eugene. Any info you can provide concerning your efforts to establish the Housing First model in Corvallis would be greatly appreciated.

    Bernard Yandel – Volunteer – Catholic Worker Movement – Eugene, OR

  • John Murphy

    I’m already a volunteer, and think you are doing a great job. I wish more people would take the time to come to the drop-in Center to see some of the people we help.
    Housing First is a real asset to the community. The problem isn’t going to just go away. Those who refuse to face the homeless issue doing a real disservice to Corvallis and the world. Their “not in my backyard” reasons are based on fear, nearsightedness and lack of understanding. Housing First shows a more caring and responsible face of Corvallis. The way we treat those less advantaged says a lot about us as people.


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