Open House at Men’s Cold Weather Shelter

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House last Sunday at the Men’s Cold Weather Shelter. Over 100 people took the opportunity to explore the shelter and the offered services by Corvallis Housing First. In the 2015-2016 winter season, over 250 homeless men were provided a warm place to sleep at the shelter during the coldest weather in Oregon. It is estimated that 88 homeless people died in Portland last year. Providing shelter is a vital service to helping those who are living in extreme poverty.

During the open house, several folks had good questions about the shelter and the lack of affordable housing in the Corvallis area. In recent years, Corvallis has seen a growth in population and new housing has not kept up with the demand. There are also very few low-income housing rentals in the area. It is very hard to find housing if you are on a fixed-income.

img_7673aAvailable beds at the shelter.

The shelter provides services to men over the age of 18. It has 40 available beds with more beds for overflow in case of a weather emergency (such as flooding). This year, Corvallis Housing First will be using a vulnerability assessment tool to shelter 20 chronically homeless men.

aelita judy

Board members Aleita Hass-Holcombe and Judy Ball giving tours.

It opens on November 1st and will remain open through March 31st. This year, some of our most vulnerable clients will be checking in early at 6pm, while others will check in at the usual 7pm time. Check-out time for the shelter is 7am each morning.


Partners from other agencies were also there to help answer questions including Andrea Myhre, Associate Director for Jackson Street Youth Services.

brad jen

Board President Brad Smith and Case Manager/Site Supervisor Jen Chen show how shelter clients are checked into the system.

The men’s shelter will need several volunteers each night. If you are interesting in volunteering, please check out our Volunteer Information. You can also donate to the shelter as well.


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