Men’s Cold Weather Shelter

MensCWSFor ten years, the Cold Weather Men’s Shelter has been providing overnight shelter and case management to the most vulnerable and chronically homeless men of Corvallis beginning November 1st and ending March 31st. The shelter, located at 530 SW 4th St, opens during the winter months every night at 7 p.m. and all guests must check by 8pm. A light snack is provided and wifi is offered. Lights are turned off and guests are expected to retire to bed by 10pm.  All guests must leave the shelter by 7am the next day. Clients have been allowed to keep personal items at the shelter during the day. While it is a low barrier shelter that practices a Housing First policy, behavior guidelines are still enforced at the shelter. Harassment, including discrimination and intimidation, are not tolerated and guests will be asked to leave the shelter.

Goals of the Men’s Winter Shelter:

  1. To offer a warm and safe place to sleep for adult men without a home during the cold/wet winter months
  2. To offer case management and referral resources to obtaining and retaining permanent housing for chronically homeless clients
  3. To improve the quality of life including providing stability, improved health, eligibility for longer-term housing, and a reduced need for the community to pay the costs of expensive health care and law enforcement services