CHF logo2 (1)Vision Statement:
A roof over every head.

Mission Statement:
Providing solutions for ending homelessness & achieving self-sufficiency.

Value Statement:
A roof, a meal, and a community.

Corvallis Housing First currently operates Partners Place, a supportive Housing First project for persons experiencing long-term chronic homelessness.  In addition, Corvallis Housing First coordinates a Women’s Rental Assistance Program (WRAP) which offers rental assistance and case management for women with children, single women , and families who are in danger of losing their housing. 

Corvallis Housing First  addresses homelessness by:

  1. Currently providing supported housing with case management for up to 18 homeless residents of Corvallis.
  2. Our future plans are to substantially increase supported housing beds for both men and women in our new Van Buren facility.
  3. Provide case management to transition homeless into housing, jobs, medical and psychological care. 

The Corvallis Housing First outreach worker interacts directly with individuals who are chronically homeless or near homeless in the Corvallis community. The goal is to form strong partnerships with this population and work intensively to solve high priority issues. The outreach worker may connect individuals to medical and/or mental health services, substance abuse help, available vocational programs, housing resources, counseling and/or other appropriate resources as they are identified. The outreach worker assists individuals applying for SSI/SSDI disability benefits. This assistance is intended to support individuals in ways that will help them with immediate need and also move them toward self-sufficiency.